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2017-02-25 03:20:36

I assume that we can name our ships. What would be the correct way to name a civilian ship registered by UEE ?

Would I name my Idris "UEE Viking" ?

Hi @Xris

Official military ships are designated UEES which stands for United Empire of Earth Ship. For example, the UEES Countenance is the first ship Squadron 42 was assigned to.

Civilian ships typically do need any special prefixes, though some use a prefix that designates the ships intended purpose. Most just have a name composed of one or two words. Traditionally, you are not supposed to name your ship using words that are associated with needing assistance like 'help' or 'mayday.'

In terms of writing style, a ship’s name is usually italicized.

So, your ship would probably be Viking


In Maritime use, pretty much any civilian/commercial ship large enough to be an ocean going ship gets the designate SS, MV, MT, Or TS. Seems most personel use or inland waterway vessel have unofficaly dropped prefix use.

Merchant Marine/Commercial prefix listing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_prefix

Prefix Meaning
AHT Anchor Handling Tug
AHTS Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel
AOR Auxiliary, Replenishment Oiler
ATB Articulated Tug Barge
CRV Coastal Research Vessel
C/F Car Ferry
CS Cable Ship
DB Derrick Barge
DEPV Diesel Electric Paddle Vessel
DLB Derrick Lay Barge
DCV Deepwater Construction Vessel
DSV Diving Support Vessel/ Deep Submergence Vehicle
DV Dead vessel[2][3]
ERRV Emergency Response Rescue Vessel[3]
FPSO Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessel
FPV Free Piston Vessel
FPV Fishery Protection Vessel
FT Factory Stern Trawler
FV Fishing Vessel
GTS Gas Turbine Ship
HLV Heavy lift vessel
HSC High Speed Craft
HSF High Speed Ferry
HTV Heavy Transport Vessel
IRV International Research Vessel
ITB Integrated Tug barge
LB Liftboat
LNG/C Liquefied natural gas carrier
LPG/C Liquefied petroleum gas carrier
MF Motor Ferry
MFV Motor Fishing Vessel (mainly UK Royal Naval Reserve)
MS (M/S) Motor Ship (interchangeable with MV)
MSV Multipurpose support/supply vessel
MSY Motor Sailing Yacht
MT Motor Tanker
MTS Marine Towage and Salvage/Tugboat
MV (M/V) Motor Vessel (interchangeable with MS)
MY Motor Yacht
NB Narrowboat
NRV NATO Research Vessel
NS Nuclear Ship
OSV Offshore supply vessel
PS Paddle Steamer
PSV Platform Supply Vessel
QSMV Quadruple Screw Motor Vessel
QTEV Quadruple Turbo Electric Vessel
RMS Royal Mail Ship or Royal Mail Steamer
RNLB Royal National Lifeboat
RV / RSV Research Vessel
SB Sailing Barge
SS (S/S) Single-screw Steamship
SSCV Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel
SSS Sea Scout Ship
SSV Sailing School Vessel, Submarine and Special Warfare Support Vessel[4]
ST Steam Tug or Steam Trawler
STS Sail Training Ship
STV Sail Training Vessel or Steam Turbine Vessel
SV (S/V) Sailing Vessel
SY Sailing Yacht or Steam Yacht
TB Tug boat
TEV Turbine Electric Vessel
TIV Turbine Installation Vessel
TrSS Triple-Screw Steamship or steamer[5]
TS Training Ship or Turbine Steamship or Turbine steam ship
Tr.SMV Triple-Screw Motor Vessel
TSMV Twin-Screw Motor Vessel[6]
TSS Twin-Screw Steamship or steamer
TV Training vessel

Most of these would have no usable function in space, although some might still carry on a tradition to be re-used (SS, Sinlge-scew Ship/Steam Ship becomes Star Ship).

Hi @Snagletooth,

I remember looking at a similar list back when we were doing the Lore Builder about the fleet designations, but this is good reference to have handy. Thanks.


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