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AUDIO (Character, Ship, Environment, Combat, FPS, etc.)
2017-03-07 15:25:30

Valve just released/revealed some really interesting audio-related middleware stuff that will supposedly be compatible with other middleware, including SC's, and looks like it could be quite powerful, useful, and worthwhile, even when not focusing on VR. Have you guys heard about this at all? Thoughts? Looks to have some great spatialization/propogation features and stuff.


They have acquired Impulsonic, yep - which was some tech we looked at a couple of years ago now. We didn't jump into it due to the lack of integration with the engine we were working with and also it just didn't quite live up to its promise. We're going to look into checking it out again but can't say much more than that at this point, it's difficult to cherry pick when you're as far along with what we're doing with propagation etc. as we are now! Good times for audio though right now, it's interesting how much of it is being driven by VR too.

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