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2017-03-15 18:03:51

Political question time!

Some of the lore we have been getting recently has indicated that systems on the UEE's fringe near the Vanduul border are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with the UEE, and are turning more and more towards themselves to provide defense.

What I am wonder is, are fringe systems on the other side of the empire experiencing the opposite? With the Vanduul threat being much more distant thing, one might think that those systems resented the tax burden the UEE was placing on them to fund the growing military.

Based on the lore, we do have reason to believe that fringe systems near the Vanduul are feeling the pressure of the Vanduul threat, and that the core UEE worlds may be starting to split between Earth and Terra. But what's the political situation for those systems which aren't really central to the UEE nor in any real threat from the Vanduul? Are there other political pressures at work there?

Hi @TBenz,

Great question. Yeah, I would imagine that there are people who aren't directly under threat of Vanduul who are upset that an already strained economy is now being tasked with military a prolonged military campaign. But there are also more localized political issues to those systems. The civil war on Charon III is one example.


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